Friday, October 16, 2009

Read a NEW Book!

Naomi Shihab Nye shared a great quote during her library presentation yesterday:
"It's a new book if you haven't read it yet!"

If this is true -- and I believe it is -- then the library is filled with new books just waiting for you to enjoy. Some of these new titles were published in 2009. Some in 1999. And some as far back as 1959. But don't let the publication date fool you. They are new -- if you haven't read them yet.
Here are a couple of "new" books I can recommend:
The Curious Garden. Written and illustrated by Peter Brown. (2009). This is a charming picture book about a boy who makes the whole world greener with the help of some curious plants that just keep spreading!

Seedfolks. Written by Paul Fleishman. (1997). In brief chapters, Fleischman reveals the people and the pleasures found when working in a community garden.

Happy reading! Viki @ the Library

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